So, I'm transfering my old site to my new home, and the little "ticker" on the bottom of the page lists 17,157 hits.

To me, that number is amazing.

I've been writing since I learned how to write. At the ripe old age of 7, I wrote a book of poetry for my second grade teacher as a good bye gift. I wrote screenplays as a teen and young adult. And I never sold anything except for a script treatment for gasoline additives which, to my knowledge, never went anywhere.

I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'd never be a REAL writer. But, I read a quote somewhere that I had pasted up near my desk a long time ago..."a writer is someone who writes."

That's a "duh" statement, if ever there was one. But, it's also true.

So, while I was living my mopey-assed, non-writing life, I was being badgered by two of my friends to give this show that had then been going on for years, a "chance." And I finally gave in. Season 5. "Triangle."
Didn't understand a thing except that I was intrigued by this Mulder and Scully couple. And, so, my adventure began.

By season 6, I had discovered fan fiction. I read it non-stop. Each and every day. All I could get my hands on. And, I decided at the very end of season 7, that I wanted to try my hand at a story. By my third experiment, I no longer lied to myself. I was hooked. On writing. On writing that actually was being read by real-live human beings who actually told you when they liked stuff, or weren't all that crazy about a certain something in your story. But, who actually took time out and responded! 

And it shouldn't be as gratifying as plopping your real life name on a story and getting paid, but--to me, it is. I loved writing Mulder and Scully. Some of my stories are probably a bit rough. I may re-read one here and there but I will not change anything about them. I think it's a statement of where I was at the time I wrote it and, maybe, how far I've progressed.  But, I always did try to write from the heart.

So, anyway, Gina Rain was my first alter-ego. I hope you like "her" work.

And the name? A total bastardization of my real first name which I thought was A-Very Clever and B-a good excuse to name my site "The Rain Room," which now, unfortunately, had to be spelled a bit differently because, apparently, someone else owns that one.

Thanks for reading. And please feel free to drop me a line:

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