Wow. This is pretentious. But, hey, it's my website and I'd like to explain the dual personalities.

I think I mentioned that I had quite a dry spell as far as writing was concerned. And then, I didn't. But, the X-files ended and I found myself repeating certain storylines in different ways, so I stopped writing X-file fic. I became a pretty devoted fan of another  show, but didn't want to write fanfic for it. And then...well, then came CSI.

I  had seen one season 1 episode, while I was in a hotel room in Philadelphia. I liked it  but found "no chemistry" between Grissom and Catherine--and that's pretty much who I thought they were trying to pair off. I have no idea which episode it was but it was obviously not a G/S-centered one.

 I had different things I was doing on Thursday nights and that was that. But I had a friend who was rather insistent that I watch (I have nagging friends, in case you didn't notice). Finally, I gave in. Just in time for Committed.

I was trapped like a rat.

And then this same friend asked for nothing but a "CSI fanfic" for her birthday. She had never read any of my X-file fanfic but knew I wrote it, because I had hinted at it long enough. I told her I absolutely could not write Grissom. No way, no how.

But, then again, I felt like writing.

So, I did.

And I was, once again, trapped like a rat!

And pretty darned happy about it.

I liked the fic. I felt like sharing it. Not as "Gina Rain," because 'she' is XF only.  I wanted a fresh persona for a new venture.  So...I picked my favorite season and played with "Rain" and...Summer Reign was born.

And due to some wackiness that happened in the XF world, I decided to do this beta-free. It's been a challenge, but I kind of like it.

So, anyway, that's who I am for the moment.

And, you know, I found Grissom and Sara to be as complex and interesting as Mulder and Scully. And even more heartbreaking, at times. Because Mulder and Scully were kept apart by End of the World issues. Grissom and Sara were kept apart by very human hang-ups. Very real, very tragic, in their own way. So, when we finally got our happy ending--it was very near a bloody miracle.

Anyway, thanks for reading this psychobabble. It's a pleasure to write for you and I thank each and every one of you who has responded to my fics in any way. You have no idea how much it has meant to me