An Anonymous Family

S, MSR (sort of)
Scully and Mulder meet with their son.
Post-Ep for the Truth with lots and lots of filling in the gaps left by William and--to a lesser degree--Jump the Shark.
Many, many thanks to Carol A. for sending me an email one day that inspired this story. She had an idea, I sort of mutilated it--but kept a very key piece of information and built everything around it. It ended up being a story that was very, very different than anything I've written so far, but one that I am intensely proud of.
Thank you, Carol, for the spark, the cheerleading and, most of all, your continued friendship.

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2002 Spooky Winner:
Second Place
Outstanding Post-Series Story
Third Place
Outstanding Kidfic
2002 Spooky Award Finalist:
Outstanding Angst;
Outstanding Fic Set Outside of Washington, DC (Sponsored by the Map Room)