Well, for my old site...I had a complex indexing system. It's amazing how you have the need to simplify when you are creating a new site and have to start all over again.
Anyway, I will now list the stories in the order I wrote them (so, beware--early works may be VERY rough) and then give a brief categorical reference next to the name. And, since I worked so hard on my oh-so-lovely (cough) photoshopping--I had to include all of my fancy-schmancy art on the individual pages.

Finding My Smile :  first story. Post-Requiem musings. PG-13

Other Fish to Fry : Challenge fic response. Weirdness. PG-13

Sweet and Sour Frustration -UST, PG-13

Journey on the Wings of a Firefly -Sequel to Sweet & Sour. R

Seasons of Change -Humor/Angst (yeah, they go together) PG-13

In Sleep I Come to You, In Dreams We Meet -Oddness PG-13

Strawberries in Winter -Hmmm...Holiday fic with smut and a baby. R

Hot Wax -First Case file. R

Style and Substance -Fluff, Post-Hollywood AD PG

Eggshell Dance -Angst! R

Every Night -Post-ep for Three Words R

Purgatory -Case file. R

Spooky Scully and the Ice King -Angst, PG-13

Take the Mile -Post Amor Fati. Sex. NC-17

Circular File -Weirdness PG-13

Harold -Ah, dog fic! R

Mulder's Christmas Gala -Holiday Fic PG-13

Curtain Up -Case file, R

Timing is Nothing -RST to UST (yes, you read that right) R

Uncle Walt's Monologue -Family fic, PG

An Anonymous Family -post William. Tearjerker, PG-13

The Hundredth Day Series : UST!

Poetry Man -PG-13

Make My Life -PG-13

Flying Fig -PG-13

The South Shall Rise Again -Humor and male equipment torture, NC-17

Stop Me -Post-Rain King smut, NC-17

The Snow Ball -Humor, Fluff PG-13

Yackety-Yack -Smut, R

The Third Sacrifice -Casefile, written for VS10, R

Cannibals and Chlorine: A Love Story -discovery fic. PG-13

No Light -Angst, PG-13

Golden Chances -Case file, R

Merrily, Merrily -UST, R

The Last Picture (before the fork in the road)- Post Dreamland UST, PG-13

Straddling the See-Saw -Smut, R

Soup for One -Angst, PG-13

Shadows and Light -Fluff, PG-13

Heaven Can Wait -Fantasy, PG-13

On a Star-Spangled Night -MSR, NC-17

Not with a Bang -Fluff, R

Nights of Shining Armor -Casefile, R

Upon This Tree -Holiday, PG

An Unexpected Song -Angst, Post Dead Alive, PG-13

Touchy Feely Fortune -UST, PG-13

Feh on Fa-La-La- Holiday Fic, PG

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