Spooky Scully and the Ice King

PG-13 for Language
This was my attempt to give Mulder and Scully some closure in the series...a little look at the past; a little look at the future.

2001 Spooky Award Nominee: Outstanding Short Story or Vignette/ Outstanding Mulder Characterization/ Outstanding Scully Characterization/ Outstanding non-NC-17 MSR, Outstanding Angst, Outstanding Post-Episode/ Missing Scene Story
Disclaimer disclaimer:
The above story was written pre-season finale. In light of my...somewhat critical appraisal of the merry men of 1013 and Fox, as well as a few well placed words throughout the season for a certain surferboy...whoops, I mean creative genius...I felt the following declaration was in order:
I, Gina Not-the-Sun-but-the-Rain Rain,
do solemnly swear, although I don't swear in real life, in spite of what is written in my stories, that I shall lay off the nasty comments on one Mr. Christopher Carter.
After much torture, he delivered in the last few minutes (much like Scully, he had a hard labor and was being watched by many). Whilst some might say, too little, too late...I am not of that ilk. It was more than I ever dreamed of considering how low my expectations were forced to sink--so he is hereby forgiven and all future disclaimers to my stories will acknowledge his genius and  sing his praises.
Any attempts, however, to "take it back" in the season to follow, will render this document null and void.
Gina NTSBTR Rain

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