This foray into writing CSI fan fiction was not supposed to go beyond 1 story, written for a friend for her birthday.
60 (and counting) stories later, I feel compelled to collect my little flights of fancy into a website.
What has happened in between?  I went to Providence to see William Petersen's play and had the opportunity to meet him. He was incredibly sweet and gracious. I met a few fans--also incredible people. I posted a lot of passionate posts on a message board/the internet because...well, I'm crazy that way, I guess. And I saw the most incredible things on CSI (and, apparently, I've been inflicted by a malady that only allows me to only use the word "incredible" while describing things).

In the meantime, you will find NO unhappy endings with me. That's a giant spoiler, I suppose...but, even if we share an angsty ride or two along the way, I don't believe in bad endings. Too many of them occur in real life to ever make me want to share that particular reality with the reading public.

Truly, I'd also like to take this time to thank you all for supporting my writing. I have had the most incredible (there I go again)  feedback and have appreciated each and every note.

And if you'd like to drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you:
Happy Reading!

We're going to do the same thing here as in my "other" site--go in order that the stories were written:

No Man is a (Fantasy) Island

Face to Foot Encounter

Do Over


Flying Free

Mistletoe Mania

What a Lovely Way to Burn

Ode to Sara

The Resolution

One Grissom, Many Voices

Two Steps Back

Silence and the Sonnet

Sometimes, A Cute Dog is Just a Cute Dog

Guilt by Glow

Awkward 101

Mourning Wood

Pork-U (and I)-Pine

Angie Baby

24 Little Hours

Put on Your Red Dress, Mama

Sequel: Kick in the Pants

Trequel: Take Off Your Red Dress, Mama

The Geekish Inquisition

Since Sunday

And Furthermore

Only the Brave

Stepping Up

In Search of a Marshmallow World

Another New Year's Eve

Happy Trails: The Tale of the Complicated Cowboy

A Sign from Above

Deja Vu

Monsoon Season

Point and Focus

His Favorite F-Word

Getting Over Grissom

Knowledge and Understanding

Wicked Dreams

Endless Return

In His Footsteps

Fond of You

The Road Not Taken: A Non-Love Story

Buzz Off

The Mistletoe Contract

All I Want


The Fifth Time is the Charm

Me? Worry?

Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas

Play Misty for Me

Paradise Found


Scents and Sensibility

Somedays in the Park With Grissom

Let's Talk about Sex, Baby

The Body in the Bathtub

Too Many Cooks

Grown-Up Letters to Santa Claus


With this Ring: A CSI Satire

In a Dream

Another Night Like All the Rest

Till Death Do Us Part

Say Something

Coming to Our Senses

Kiss-Kiss, Hi-Hi


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